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About Us

“The best things in life are free,”
Love, friendship, kindness, smile, air, sun light, moon and stars
- shouldn’t education be free?

Students are our precious resource for future global leadership. Access to learning is a human right. Universe Sky – or is a FREE education content and data services company. It is a distribution platform for students and content creators to inform, connect, collaborate, share, learn and earn.

U-Sky is a collection of millions of students and educators who come together to share resources. U-Sky is a growing compilation of over 0.4 million (4 lakh) Curated, peer reviewed education material comprising of different categories and sub-categories and products in different formats. You can search or browse the learning material on U-Sky. You can create your own library, form groups, collaborate and communicate. We believe in the sharing economy, we believe reusable educational content and resources should be shared. All resources on U-sky are FREE to individual users..

We understand personal and professional developments are lifelong pursuits, we are providing a platform everywhere and at every stage of their life to learn and grow. We understand that the learning and working eco-systems can only work by sharing, collaborating and innovating..

U-Sky is a compilation of the following portals:

  1. K-12 Learning Content for multiple curriculums in different languages
  2. Exam Prep Resources for Standardized Test (Higher education, careers, and other)
  3. Skills based - Vocational /Career oriented /Life Skills courses in the form of MOOCs
  4. Analytics for the Education Eco-system policy makers, schools, students and parents to make informed decisions.

We are a team of Academics, IT professionals, Data Scientists and Content Specialists, who passionately believe that sharing knowledge can make the world a better place. “Tiny drops of water make an ocean,” contribute just one educational resource and help millions learn.

Our Resources

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