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U-Sky is India’s transformative digital education company. U-Sky Education Ecosystem is a portfolio of Teaching, Learning, Skill Development, School ERP, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Products and Services. U-Sky Digital School Program and U-Sky Digital Student Program are a part of U-Sky Education Ecosystem. They are the sum of the power of digital content, the Web and its associated data-crunching technologies all synthesised into a functional solution to improve school education outcomes at all levels.

Good teachers are rare and obviously cannot be scaled. Good teachers are mentors, not just a source of information. As a second best alternative, U-Sky believes that appropriate use of technology and personalization can try and fill the void of good teachers to the masses.

Our Ecosystem transforms via a step-by-step convergence process - migrates regular schools and students into the realm of (a) Virtual / Smart / Digital solutions, all under one roof; and next into (b) Data driven schools with personalized learning solutions for each student – i.e. from one size fits all, to each according to their need – generating immense positive outcomes for all the education stakeholders.

Transforming Schools


U-Sky Model


U-Sky Believes... One size fits all standardized content and services cannot help
Content and services has to be personalized to each student


U-Sky Platforms create a symbiotic relationship between Digital content, Web services, Data Analytics and AI, all on one platform - to improve Educational Outcomes


U-Sky Ecosystem is optimal bundling of all digital and data services - generates immense value - lowest cost, one stop solution, positive network externalities...


U-Sky’s primary mission is to provide holistic, high quality, lowest cost in the market mass or scalable solutions, bundled intelligently to meet all the digital needs of schools and students. Our focus is to especially assist those at the bottom of the pyramid, underserved communities, predominantly rural, inner-city and Government schools (grades 1-12) across India to enhance the capacities of public schools that are lacking, support programs for students, teachers and leaders with learning, instruction, administration, and management so as to create a level playing field on par with 21st century International schools anywhere in the world. Click here for a list of U-Sky Projects

U-Sky Government Schools Program

U-Sky hopes to catalyze massive improvements or sustainable transformation in K-12 Public Education across India. U-Sky endeavours to rewire and improve the public school system with improved outcomes by operating from outside the system. We understand that the education segment is in cusp of change due to technology and therefore, it is not far when the quality differential between public and private school education is narrowed or neutralized.

The all-in one content and data solution for personalized learning, aids in the transition to digital resources by integrating with public schools current assessments, benchmarks and management systems, and enables teachers and students to instantly find resources they need for in-class instruction, homework, remedial, exam prep and skills development. We also provide a certificate program to train teachers integrate technology into their teaching.

U-Sky Transformative Public School Solution

U-Sky solutions have helped over 40000 Government Schools, 300000 Government School Teachers and over 10 million Government School Students find high quality standards aligned resources to address the needs of different regions, languages, demographics, styles and academic levels. Click here for a list of U-Sky Projects

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U-Sky School Program

Every private school endeavours for (a) Higher Student Achievement, (b) Higher Student Enrolment and (c) Higher Revenues. U-Sky School Program is a strategic, comprehensive, integrated digital education technology solution that empowers 21st century schools, by facilitating:

  • All the digital needs of the School, are bundled onto one single platform
  • Provide an affordable, product wise or one combo price, multi-year, multi-installment package
  • Migrate Regular offline Schools into Digital Schools and next into Data Driven Schools
  • Partnering with U-Sky can provide schools with new revenue streams.

For any traditional school to transform from a regular school into a Digital school and finally into a Data Driven School, it is essential to partner with U-Sky School Ecosystem. U-Sky provides a comprehensive solution integrating teaching, learning, administration, and data analytic - all onto one single platform.

Transforming Schools

In addition, U-Sky School Ecosystem offers a gamut of essential services not limited to:

  • Teacher Training: A “Smart Classroom Trained Teacher” certificate program. Teachers are trained on how to integrate technology into their classroom teaching, creating lesson plans, usage of hardware, software and digital multimedia content, how to create and upload their own multimedia content, etc.
  • Installation and Support services: U-Sky recommends and installs computing hardware – smart / digital / virtual classrooms, computer labs, web portal, and other portable devices for teaching and learning. In addition, U-Sky provide related software for administration, student personalized learning, and to enable usage data collection. U-Sky provides call center customer support services as well.
  • Customization, Personalization and Data Analytic services: U-Sky provides schools with customized software and web solutions; in addition, U-Sky facilitates personalized teaching and learning services as well as Data solutions for classroom and school level outcomes.

U-Sky School Ecosystem

U-Sky Student Program

U-Sky believes every student is unique. U-Sky believes every student learns differently. U-Sky believes every student needs a Personalized Learning Plan, a Personalized Career Plan, their Longitudinal Data Analytic Report which measures student’s progress objectively vis-à-vis their peers and most importantly student need a Personal Mentor or guide that assists them in all their academic needs across time.

U-Sky Student Ecosystem provides a right combination of personalized learning content, personalized data analytics, personalized mentor (AI solution) all summed up into deep learning solutions that generates positive outcomes. U-Sky tries to give students actionable data on their performance and progress so they are empowered to navigate their learning pathways

U-Sky believes, “if an individual enjoys what they do, they will be successful.” U-Sky endeavours to indentify student’s academic strengths and weakness to personalize learning using adaptive and gaming methodology which students’ can relate to. Next we identify their natural aptitude, personality and interest using our uniquely synthesized proprietary psychometric assessment and provide aptitude aligned skilling courses, exam prep resources, etc. in order to prepare students for the right higher education and careers that best fits them.

U-Sky Student Ecosystem

Our Projects


AP Government Smart Class Project
Mp Lads Smart Classroom Project
Google Smart Classroom Project
Tswreis Digital Classroom Project
Digital Smart Classroom Project
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Project
Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV) schools
Government Of India Project
Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV) schools

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